Totally Connected IT

We will totally connect your IT – people, devices, data in a three-dimensional world of infinite possibilities.



Connect from multiple locations with no data loss during disasters. Remote access for branch offices and secure sandbox environment with DaaS by Hostventura.


Cloud hosting

Facilitate your business growth and reduce CAPEX with our scalable virtual servers. Cloud hosting that offers virtualized network for speed and efficiency, increased capacity and high performance.


Desktop management

Focus your valuable resources on bringing your projects to life with OS and application lifecycle management, service management and help desk by Hostventura.

Case study

Our successes

As a managed service provider Hostventura has established working partnerships with best-known leaders in electronics and logistics. We have been providing secure bespoke virtual desktop environments, PCLM and agile support services.


Our users

Hostventura users are all over the world. They can easily access their desktops from any location and on any device. We guarantee network uptime and availability of 99.99% (excluding scheduled maintenance) for critical systems. Hostventura partners with leading manufacturers and software developers. We work with solution-specific service level agreements to guarantee fast response time and fix time for key operations.

  • Europe
  • Germany - Munich, Hamburg, Neuss
  • England - Bracknell
  • France - Paris, Le Havre
  • Spain - Barcelona
  • Italy - Milano
  • Hungary - Budapest
  • Slovakia - Lozorno
  • Russia - St. Petersbourg
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Finland - Helsinki
  • North America
  • USA - New York
  • Asia
  • India - Mumbai
  • Japan - Tokyo

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