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Message from the CEO

“Service is what drives us. Sure the technology is important but excelling at service delivery at the highest possible level is where our passion lives. That’s where we can make a real and tangible difference. We can always improve what we do as individuals and as a company and that desire to excel remains at the heart of what we love to do for our customers.”

Ranjit Dhariwal CEO, Hostventura

Totally Connected IT

Step into the future with Hostventura! We bring to you cost-effective and flexible cloud hosting solutions to facilitate your business growth. Our scalable and custom-designed products will help you achieve your business goals faster. While you are focused on developing your business, our dedicated staff is focused on running your day-to-day service management and hosting needs. We aim to provide you with a quick and personal response. We are a natural extension of your help desk team.

Our experienced professionals produce creative solutions tailored to your business model at fixed, highly competitive prices. Working for some of the largest companies in the world, we have proven our easy-to-buy on-demand service potential.

So what are you waiting for connect with us today!

Executive team

  1. Neil Dwyer

    Neil Dwyer

    Board Advisor

  2. Mike Robinson

    Mike Robinson

    Board Advisor

  3. Jac Cuypers

    Jac Cuypers

    Board Advisor

  4. Sian Wilson

    Sian Wilson

    Executive Assistant

  5. Ranjit Dhariwal

    Ranjit Dhariwal