Our strengths

The voice of our clients echoes in everything we do. We work hard to meet their service management needs and business goals. Our values reflect in the way we work with our business partners and within Hostventura.


We created Hostventura’s solutions for the progressive businesses, which embrace novelty in technology and always demand more. Innovation is the core of our company culture and key to our success.

Corporate social responsibility

People are a vital factor in delivering excellent customer service and performance. We believe in our expertise and we are committed to meet the standards of corporate citizenship, while creating a long-lasting positive impact for the working community.


While you are focused on developing your business, our dedicated staff are focused on running your day-to-day service management and hosting needs. We are a natural extension of your IT team and provide you with a quick and personal response.

Customer respect

As a technology partner we at Hostventura support your growth by helping you create, build and sustain reliable and cost-effective infrastructure. We respect our partners and their business and comply with their high expectations for service management.


When we provide you with virtual desktop infrastructure, lifecycle management or private cloud infrastructure, we also give you all the necessary tools for real-time monitoring and control to ensure the transparency of our performance and facilities.

Competitive pricing

Our experienced professionals produce unique solutions tailored to your business model at fixed, highly competitive prices. Working for some of the largest companies in the world, we have proven the value of our simple on-demand payment method.

Environmentally friendly

We believe in sustainable business. Adopting technology that is favourable to the environment is not just a fashionable choice, but a commitment. That is why our facilities are eco-friendly.