Frequently Asked Questions

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What is cloud hosting?

The term 'cloud' is used to describe a number of very different products, but in our case, it refers to on-demand, scalable, virtualised servers accessible over the internet.

Cloud hosting is a service that allows websites to be hosted on virtual servers. Physical web servers are used to pull together to provide a service for those who need it. It is alternative to single server hosting and many more companies are now using it. It has many advantages over this though. It can be far more reliable as, instead on relying on just a single server to host, information is spread over a large network and this means that if one server goes offline, it will have very little effect on the resource.

Cloud hosting also provides better security as each secure machine is on a different site, leaving it less vulnerable to attack. If extra resources are required, then these can be drawn from the range of servers available, whereas relying on one server will not allow this to happen. It is also possible to scale the amount of resources allocated depending on the demand of the particular customer.

You will get a lot more flexible and produce more innovative ways of working without so many concerns about how you will be able to find the resources to be able to carry it out. You will be able to do things faster as well. So there is huge advantage in using a cloud hosting service rather than a single source one. It is well worth looking into it as a solution for your company to see whether you can not only save money, but also find a better way of working as well.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

Clearly potential cost-savings are what many cite as the key benefit, but the cloud is much more than a cost-cutting exercise. A flexible approach to IT means you can bring products and services to the market faster, innovate with less risk, and enable more flexible ways of working.

How do cloud servers differ from dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers are what were all used to, so their immediate appeal is that we know what we’re getting. However, we also know the restrictions. There’s usually a lead-time on buying and setting-up the hardware. It can be difficult to change the server specification as your needs evolve, forcing you to buy a server that may suit your growing needs. Our cloud servers, on the other hand, can be deployed immediately from our easy-to-use web control panel and have no setup charge, a low minimum price, and as your requirements change, you can instantly scale the resources you use, both up and down. So, for flexibility and value for money the Hostventura Cloud offers you more of both.

Hostventura specialise in managed IT services through our unique use of the cloud platform. We call it totally connected IT – people, devices, data – all connected in a three-dimensional world of infinite possibilities.

These possibilities include streamlined file sharing, faster data access, easier routes to innovation, and the opportunity to make incredible cost savings. All from Hostventura – totally connect IT.