Our service based approach means that you can focus on your core business and not be concerned with every facet of creating a secure DaaS environment (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified). We invite collaboration and we understand your pain points. Let us help you connect your employees to secure desktops anywhere on any device with no data loss during disasters. 


Our solution is based on an annual subscription for a minimum of 5 users. All packages can be ordered with 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows 10. We can use your Windows image or you can use ours. Applications that are required can be uploaded securely to us and we will create thin apps that can be installed within the DaaS environment. With this in mind we can provide an application catalogue that your users can select your predefined applications. If you require secure access, then this can also be provided via VPN or we can connect to your MPLS circuit. We provide a tailor-made proposal for your company based on your service requirements and don’t worry if something has been missed, we can work together to ensure the solution meets your needs.

A Microsoft VDA license is required per DaaS solution. If you don't have Microsoft Software Assurance already. Hostventura is licensed under the Microsoft services provider license agreement (SPLA). Standard Windows and application patching is included in your monthly fee, there are no hidden charges.

  • Service Level Agreement - All virtual desktop packages include our Standard SLA however if you would like to customise and choose the package that works for you. Please see our Standard, Enhanced and Custom SLA's. 
  • Application catalogue - We will supply your catalog via Identity Manager our application pricing starts from £50 these can be supplied outside of the Daas environment if required. 
  • You have the option of using our Gold image, or to supply your own for us to convert into a DaaS image. This will allow your user experience to remain consistent. The default language of Windows is your choice.

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Our service is driven by VMware based technology

And associated components to support and accelerate your deployments. We use the best of breed technology (Hardware & Software) to deliver our service. Our DaaS solution works on Windows and non-Window devices running iOS, OS X, Ubuntu, Android or via your internet browser.

    • Windows VDI options

      Windows 7 x32 / Windows 7 x64

      Windows 10 x32 / Windows 10 x64

      Windows virtual desktop & secure BYOD
    • Windows Language

      We can provide supported Windows in almost any language that is available

      Virtual desktop for corporate enterprises BYOD
    • Networking

      Options for VPN & MPLS connectivity

      BYOD, Personalised URL

      Virtual desktop infrastructure DaaS
    • Application packaging

      Custom applications virtualization

      Application catalogue in multiple languages

      VDI Dual-factor authentication SSL
    • Scalable resources

      Custom RAM + custom CPU

      Secure corporate disk space and personal drive

      Virtual desktop infrastructure BYOD
    • Security

      Dual-factor authentication


      SSL certificates

      Virtual desktop infrastructure DaaS

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    Save on

    Infrastructure Investment

    • Backend powerful servers
    • High performance storage devices
    • 10Gbps network switches
    • Redundant systems for high availability
    • Monitoring of the virtual desktop infrastructure
    • Anti-Virus


    • Training staff to deploy
    • Building an operations team with the correct expertise

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    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Personnel
    • Application packaging


    • Hit your target deadline on time

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