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Hostventura makes cloud desktops easy. So why not give it a go and experience it hands on? Our IT experts will guide you through it. Tell us what you think? No commitment. We'll give you our best IT advice no matter what you choose. See how Desktop as a Service (DaaS) could work for your business. Find out for yourself if it's worth your time? We certainly think it is...

  • Mobility

    A consistent experience across all devices, desktop, laptop and mobile

    Virtual Private Cloud Architecture
  • Security

    Reduce data breaches with data saved in the cloud and secure login

    Backup and Recovery
  • Reliability

    99.99% network availability, 24/7 monitoring and alerting

    Hybrid cloud

*By filling out the register form I understand that this 7 day demo will clear any data saved once the free trial ends. I am able to save work in the environment for testing, however am aware of the above. Any applications in the trial are without licenses and warranties, unless I specifically request to run my own applications in the test environment. 

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