Consultant and outsourced activities

DaaS is perfect for corporates to provide their desktop to Outsourced partners and consultants.  It enables corporates to expand without investing into hardware for specific projects or functions.  Our clients today utilise our service to engage new partners with the ability of their Helpdesk providing a simple URL to their user.  This has helped reduce the costs of outsourcing from a technical and administration perspective.  A user can start on day one with a client image DaaS with a simple management request to their helpdesk.  Upon departure the desktop account is simply disabled.  

M&As - When our customers merge with a new organisation, they provide their DaaS to the new business and vice-versa whilst the companies are in the process of overhauling their technology stack. 

Call centres

Large call centres and companies working with data entry specialists can simplify customer specific applications and use thin desktops to control security.  This enables users of DaaS to hot desk and launch client specific desktops or applications providing assurance and control.  With this ability it allows call centres to expand or contract based upon demand.

Designers and engineers

The management of large files of visual data has always presented professionals such as graphic designers, architects, engineers and industrial designers with specific and often expensive challenges. DaaS can make a huge difference by providing freedom and flexibility to work productively from a mobile workspace.


DaaS gives you the opportunity to quickly create virtual labs or training rooms whilst providing a secure desktop environment with controlled access. Each desktop provided can then be tailored for specific class room activities and used by mulitple students.  Saving time for tutors and ensuring continuity for each lesson plan.


Lawyers want to be assured that their clients case files are secure and data breach is prevented.  Legal practices are able to work in a flexible manner knowing that access to intellectual assets, documents and collaboration tools are ring fenced. It also ensures that data loss due to computer failure is removed.


DaaS is a neccessity for hospitals and clinics, where consultants and doctors move between patients and need access to the latest information without the need to be in their office.  DaaS is now starting to become mainstream within Health Care.


In many companies sales teams and executives use mulitple devices with different operating systems.  With a DaaS solution your team can have a consistent approach irrespective of which device be it phone, tablet or laptop. Companies can control BYOD with DaaS.

Public services

Government agencies are using DaaS more and more to secure data and avoid failure in compliance.

By embracing VDI and cost-effective BYOD policies, agencies can answer to the personal preferences of employees and offer them increased security. 


Financial organisations and departments benefit from implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure from a legal and compliance perspective.