Desktop management

Our service driven approach to PC lifecycle management, enables your business to run smoothly. We touch a PC only once, resulting in lower support costs. Our processes are designed to cover service lifecycle, real-time monitoring and control to ensure the transparency of our performance and provide regular reporting on your devices. We use VMware Mirage or any stack that is required to support desktop management in a cost effective manner. VMware Workspace is used for application deployment. We take care of your complete setup of operations, application deployment, backup and recovery, storage, database management, security, identity and access management. 

PC & Application lifecycle management with Service desk

We use tested methodologies to reduce the risk associated with shortcuts and errors. Our consistent approach is applied to all projects. We deploy best practices based on recognised management methods, which ensures greater reliability and efficiency of our services.

Simplify desktop management

User managementDevice managementApplication lifecycle management
Incident management Device provision - build, add domain, report, provide to customer, install, move, add, change and delete Proven methodologies and procedures for installing software - fresh install upgrade or migration from another environment
Data access management Delivery of data Trained, motivated and certified application support staff
Application access management Data-layering Client services for immediate assistance and escalation procedures
Password management Application catalogue Hosting and support for your applications in your own or in a secure Hostventura data centre
Service request management Delivery of applications A dedicated service manager to manage your services, resolve issues and identify improvement opportunities
Customer relationship management Encryption Proactive performance monitoring and maintenance
Reporting Centrally managed antivirus protection Supporting business critical applications 24/7/365
Centrally managed user data Data destruction on devices to DOD standards Applying patches, fixes and updates of OS and applications at a fixed cost

Cycle stages


  • Project documentation (resourcing plan, network topology, sizing, branch reflectors list, list of base layers, user data)
  • SLA (AV needs, shared data, encryption, KPIs, backups, snapshots, monitoring, finance)
  • Business requirements (RFP, business requirements mapping)
  • Project communication (customer communication, meetings, decision management)


  • Stakeholder management (communication and reporting)
  • Application lifecycle management & layer creation
  • User training
  • Deployment
  • Defect handling


  • Incident and problem management
  • Change management
  • Finance management
  • Backup management
  • Patching (OS, Microsoft, applications)
  • Onsite support
  • Application catalogue
  • Encryption management
  • Antivirus management
  • End of lifecycle (EOL)
  • Service requests (application deployment, new features, new drivers, amendments)


We specialise in providing a full PC lifecycle management solution aligned to your business goals. From initial assessment to business process optimisation, we act as an extension of your organisation and a catalyst for your growth. Our Internal ITSM tool manages all standard procedures. Hostventura ITIL processes are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Certificate.

 Pro's of PCLM by HostventuraCon's of managing applications on your own
Managing operating system and application upgrades on multiple devices Difficulties synchronising and updating users’ desktops in different offices; Slow application rollout process causing significant downtime for end users
Tested patch management Patching individual user computers is slow when there are hundreds of them
Minimised support calls Rising support costs
Packaging, distributing, installing and updating applications Software licensing management is complex
Centralised disaster recovery and desktop management solution Loss of corporate-owned data and intellectual property
Centralised control of corporate distributed applications and user applications Illegal software use and information access

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    Service management

    Hostventura's service management delivers advanced automation and performance. We ensure that your organisation benefits from optimal efficiency and productivity. The services are delivered in accordance with agreed business requirements. Our service management includes:

    • Encryption of notebooks in their current state
    • Antivirus management service – implementation of active anti-virus protection on each device
    • Installing, moving, adding, changing, and disposing (IMACD) of desktop and mobile IT equipment
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    Service desk support

    Give your employees and customers a professional and effective help desk experience. We challenge ourselves to reduce calls by providing an incident-free service.

    • Guaranteed service levels for help desk services
    • Technical support and service offerings
    • Freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your employees and customers a professional and effective help desk experience

Key features
Primary service time - 24/7/365
Quick response times
Certified multilingual support staff

Key benefits
Integration with consultancy service
Transparent monthly reporting and billing
Exceptional service desk experience

Let us help you identify your needs to build a custom-tailored service desk outsourcing solution. Outsourcing makes solid financial and operational sense and adds value to your business. We guarantee to beat your current supplier by at least 20%. By using our desktop management solution, one of our current clients has gained annual savings up to 50%. Hostventura’s reporting tools give you the information to identify trends, anticipate employee training needs, increase responsiveness to your customers, and ultimately help you secure the reputation of providing quality service. Never lose sight of your systems by outsourcing the hosting or management of your applications to Hostventura. 
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