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Improved PC lifecycle management and secure control of all devices

Coherent solution for centralised management and remote control of workstations


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In 2014 Panasonic - an industry leader in innovative solutions for consumer, business and industrial use strengthened its partnership with Hostventura and invited us to manage part of their European PCLM (PC lifecycle management) solution. They had three large organisations that required incorporation into their global footprint. 

Our client was searching for options to optimise their infrastructure and to improve desktop availability and security. What is more, they wanted a fast and efficient solution that would be user-friendly and would not limit computer performance. They needed secure desktop management of their workstations, secure control of all devices and improved PC lifecycle management. To solve these challenges the company turned to Hostventura. 


Hostventura's PCLM solution allows centralised management of virtual desktops, secure connection to the data, regular backups and business continuity and it guarantees fast performance. Hostventura takes periodic snapshots of desktop end-points, which are centrally stored. The centralised creation, maintenance and distribution of base layers and application layers greatly contributes to improving the daily workflow of our client’s remote users. End-users can still control their own data and settings, as well as install their own applications on their physical desktops. 

  • Data security and availability – user data is securely stored in the Hostventura DC facilities. This allows easy access, periodic backups and replication and insures business continuity
  • TCO reduction – reduction of the operational and hardware expenses with virtual desktop infrastructure and PCLM centralised management
  • Centralised management – taking the pressure off the busy IT staff in the company and outsourcing activities to Hostventura. This allows their IT to focus on the important projects at hand
  • Service desk - Hostventura’s service desk is well integrated in the current UHD of Panasonic, allowing prioritisation of technical issues and tasks
  • Hostventura’s solution improved IT efficiency, reduced exposure to security risks and delivered lasting value to the business