5 reasons to implement DaaS

Why should you consider DaaS?

Any business looking to get ahead, increase productivity and effeciency in the workplace should be considering a DaaS strategy. We have come up with 5 good reasons why implementing a DaaS solution is the right choice for your business. 

1) Scalability and flexibility

The virtual desktops within a Desktop as a service (DaaS) network are implemented easily and can be scaled very fast. Users can be added or removed more quickly than with traditional desktops, with less hassle and expenses. Deployment of OS, applications, and patches becomes centralised and takes minutes instead of days. Moreover, most of the updates and application issues can be removed without affecting the user desktops. With centrally managed desktops and data stored in the cloud, disaster recovery strategy is faster and easier to implement making this an easy choice for businesses. 

2) Cost-efficiency

The cost advantages outweigh traditional desktop set-ups. Generally, a virtual desktop is about 2 times less expensive than a physical PC due to its longer lifecycle, cloud-based storage, reduced hardware requirements and power consumption. DaaS hence can radically reduce TCO and hardware CAPEX. 

As a business you will have noticed the expenses of upgrades and migrations, not only software, but desktops, mobile devices and even servers must be upgraded. With DaaS, however, older hardware can be reused and its lifecycle is extended.

3) Superior security and compliance

There’s always the chance of personal devices used for work being compromised in various ways. However, devices used just for access to virtual desktops are much safer, because no important data is stored on the device and with the usage of thin clients there could be even no hard drive. Additionally, viruses and malicious software face much greater difficulty infiltrating the corporate network through remote desktops.

Companies using DaaS can easily centralise updates and patches from a remote location with continuous data backup in a data centre. All this makes not only security, but compliance much easier. 

4) Workspace mobility

Usually having a dynamic job that requires you to work from various devices and locations can be tiring and hard to organise. You need to have the same applications on all devices and you have to carry all your devices and memory sticks everywhere, while constantly synchronising the data on them manually. But Desktop as a Service works on any device, anywhere, and your work is automatically synced between devices. You can start from where you left off, using any device, including Macbooks, desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.

 5) BYOD and cloud storage

The cloud is a crucial drive for DaaS adoption. It allows access to documents and applications from multiple devices. Even outdated and legacy applications can be accessed through a virtual desktop client. Bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities enable employees to get a lot of work done from any device outside of work, including personal ones. All of these features are based on cloud technologies.

Hostventura’s experts can support you in the deployment and management of DaaS systems. Feel free to contact us for more info on how we can provide a virtual desktop solution for your business. We can also offer you a free demo to test out the service for your business to see the results for yourself. 


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