7 ways keep remote workers secure

We as businesses all want to protect our data, so how do we ensure flexibility in the workplace and security of our remote users. We have come up with 7 top tips every business should have in place for a secure workplace environment that is safe for any user. 

1. Firewalls - Block certain kinds of network traffic from reaching your data through firewall protection. This will block hackers, worms and viruses reaching your devices.

2. VPN - Use a VPN to allow your employees to access information securely over the internet.

3. Antivirus - protect your data from e-threats such as malware and other trojans.

4. Network monitoring tools - Implement a great network monitoring tool to detect and report device failures, this will help to keep status track on work devices and give greater IT control.

5. Device Management - Secure software across multiple devices and allow for flexible data, applications and configuration settings for optimal user performance. MDM tools are essential.

6. Remote access - Ensure users have control over their devices.

7. Disk wiping - To enable data recovery this is essential to critical business information is protected and retained.

At Hostventura we do our best to ensure security is not breached with our experts at hand to help you. Take a look at our DaaS, Cloud hosting and PCLM services and contact us to help determine the right solution for your business requirement.

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