Cybersecurity have you taken the necessary actions?

More and more businesses today are leveraging the potential of cloud services and as they do their cybersecurity models are being transformed. Research by PWC, shows that 59% of businesses who use cloud services have reported that by implementing such infrastructure it has improved their security program (PWC, 2014).

Small and large businesses are at risk of cybersecurity in some shape or form such as assault, malware, brute force attacks and hackers. In order to be successful this year, it is important to be aware of the dangers of insecure online activity.

As a business you may have installed a new malware system, however someone might find a loophole. Therefore these are some things you should know:

The cloud is the cost effective cybersecurity tool.

  • By harnessing the cloud as a business you can improve security. Businesses can instantly deploy secure information and collaboration environments using a cloud provider’s infrastructure. This thus will enable a safe repository for sensitive information.

  • Cloud architecture allows for businesses to be agile in their responses when information assets and applications are threatened they can be moved, hidden, hardened, dummied and adapted to be as secure as possible and avoid any information being stolen. There is almost unlimited computing power which allows for such quick responses and solutions.

It is a business decision that requires a lot of careful consideration and sensitive information such as payment card information and healthcare records should only be sent to the cloud if you are happy with the service providers security controls.

At Hostventura, we as a cloud provider always ensure that security is taken seriously. We have gained certifications and assessments from third party guidelines and regulatory bodies to prove our security capabilities. We are ISO 27001 certified. This means we demonstrate commitment to information security.  


PWC, 2014 - How cloud-enabled cybersecurity will transform your business

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