What are the different types of cloud hosting?

You may be planning your move to the cloud, however uncertain of which cloud platform will suit your business. A cloud is a virtualized IT infrastructure that enables IT to optimise scalability and speed, automate tasks and offer self service. There are three types of cloud platforms, which can all offer different services from IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, DraaS and SaaS. In this article we will look at the three main cloud offerings and provide a simple guide to help you decide which one is right for your business strategy.

Private - is a cloud service that is used exclusively by a single business. This tends to be located on a company’s on site data center or within a secure hosted data center. Everything from services to infrastructure are sitting on a private network. By having your very own cloud this enables maximum control and performance. This is one of the most secure cloud environments. The private cloud uses a private connection to give almost 100% uptime & dedicated disc space which in turn offers a great amount of security. If you are a business that has government or industry regulations that require a separate environment this is perfect for you.

Public - is a cloud service that is owned and managed by a third party cloud provider who delivers storage and services such as Microsoft Office over the Internet. A key example of a public cloud is Microsoft Office 365. This is where all hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure are managed by the cloud provider. This type of cloud attracts businesses because it reduces lead times in deploying new products. Typically you manage and access this cloud through a web browser. This cloud makes sense to your business when you are planning to migrate your internal data center to the cloud to reduce costs, a hardware refresh is in order, or balancing compliance requirement with your business objectives has become a challenge. IT directors are interested in this option as it is cheaper and offers benefits of sharing IT resources as a service. 

Hybrid - is a cloud service that provides a mixture of the two private and public. This allows for sensitive data to be kept where required and the other information to be managed in the public. Workloads and information can move in and out of the cloud environment exactly how they are needed. As a business you can benefit from the security and privacy of the private cloud and cost effectiveness of the public cloud. This cloud gives better flexibility and deployment options. For a business this is ideal if you have some applications or hardware that are not yet ready for the cloud, you need to leverage some of your systems in a secure environment. Existing hardware is expiring and you are planning on migrating to a complete cloud solution.

At Hostventura we offer a private and hybrid cloud option. To find out how Hostventura can help your small to medium sized business migrate to the cloud feel free to contact us for more information.

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