Virtual desktop solution Panasonic

DaaS solution for business mobility and security

Hostventura’s DaaS expertise improved Panasonic's productivity and IT management


dual-factor authentication virtual desktop DaaS

Hostventura has established a working partnership with Panasonic, one of the best-known leaders in electronics. We have been providing secure bespoke virtual desktop environment and agile support for the company's shared services across Europe and Asia.

Our client needed a secure solution for outsourced partners and mobile users. After careful analysis of Panasonic’s requirements, Hostventura provided a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, which enabled instant user access to the client’s internal systems all over the world.


By adopting managed DaaS, Panasonic instantly realised a significant reduction in OPEX and long-term savings in their CAPEX. Hostventura’s managed service simplified the collaboration between the company’s teams across the globe and provided a custom B2B model that allows convenient handover of user support calls and tickets. Our platform provides automated provisioning and decommissioning of desktops on demand. As part of the service, we also created a custom-tailored user guide. 

  • Support tickets and service based on ITIL and ISO 27001:2013
  • Application catalogue
  • Automated VDI provisioning directly from their service desk
  • Virus-proof endpoint devices, data backed-up in the data centre
  • Lower management cost and longer refresh cycle compared to traditional PCs
  • User desktops protected with dual-factor authentication accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Faster deployment – the virtual desktops are set up in minutes